Tracking Problems

Tracking, Eye movement and also Oculomotor Skills

Tracking, Eye Movement And Also Oculomotor Skills

​​​​​​​If you think about how you use your eyes when you read, you will find that your eyes move a lot; back and forth along the lines of print. This is called Tracking, eye movement and also oculomotor skills. When the eyes don’t move together correctly it can cause you to lose their place when reading, have difficulty copying from the board or computer screen, and skip or omit small words when reading.

Tracking problems can make reading very difficult. Teachers often notice when a child has difficulty with reading and may suggest that the child have an eye exam. However, most eye exams are not designed to test eye tracking skills. Because the eye exam is designed to test how clearly you can see the letters on the eye chart from a distance of 20 feet, you might be told that your child’s vision is fine even though tracking was not evaluated.

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