Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is much like “Physical Therapy"

Depending on the type of problem found in the evaluation by Dr. Conway, sometimes special glasses can help. If glasses won't solve the vision problem, then an in-office program of Optometric Vision Therapy is often the only solution.

Vision Therapy is much like “physical therapy”, but rather than treating the muscles of the body, it works on the eyes and the brain (which includes how the brain controls our eyes and interprets what we see). It is an invaluable tool that has changed not only our patients’ vision but has improved many related areas of their lives as well.

The first step of a Vision Therapy program is a thorough evaluation by Dr. Conway to determine if Vision Therapy is the best course of care. Having had extensive experience treating patients of all ages, she easily makes her younger patients comfortable during this process.

When Dr. Conway prescribes an individualized program of Vision Therapy to train your eyes to work together, track and focus properly. Strengthening these basic visual skills can really change the way you see, allowing you to enjoy activities, such as reading, that may have been difficult before.

Research has shown that Vision Therapy can be instrumental in helping increase visual attention spans for children learning to read. Often, children who had been falling behind in reading are able to improve their performance greatly by reducing the effects of their vision problems. Vision Therapy truly allows kids to enjoy learning and become more confident, happier people.

Vision Therapy helps adults and children with eye turns (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), eye coordination, tracking and focusing disorders – without surgery or patching.

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